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Nov. 7th, 2012

♥ My frist lolita dress Meet ups & more!♥

 So recently i got my first lolita dress. I was not aware of taobao or any sites of lolita dresses for cheaper that weren't milanoo ( ugh >.>") or  a milanoo shop front. This dress i ordered from ebay, from a woman who hand-makes her dresses and she made it to the measurements of my body. It is a little big ( by a little I mean like a few inches c:) but it is a casual dress i wear on the weekends out. I recently ordered 2 more dresses from taobao! ( a very easy experience! but I do suggest you use Bhiner when you shop with taobao.) BUT anyway I'm working on creating my Lolita Wardrobe! I recently had a shopping spree with my dad's credit card ( sorry Pa! D:  ) I got many new items to add to my wardrobe! Contacts, a wig (with piggy tails may I add ^u^), 2 dresses  and a ticket to the National Lolita Day 2012! That will be my first meet up! I'm nervous but excited!
first pink dress
contacts i ordered
wig that i ordered
Red dress Ordered!
Blue dress I ordered